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Make Things HappenMake Things Happen. That’s what defines myself and what I do. I use science, art and the tools and lessons I have gathered throughout my career to help companies reach their best performance and growth.

My two areas of strength – Innovation and Growth Strategy – make me proud of  where I come from, my background, the people I have worked with, and what has gotten me where I am today.

The results? Positive impact at the bottom line of several small businesses and Fortune 500 enterprises.

Analytical Thinking

Innovation means making things better then they were before. Like setting up a strategy and business plan for a concept that will change how people interact. Or automating manual and cumbersome processes into fully functional artificial intelligence tools. Or being a growth catalyst bringing technology and business teams together into speaking the same language. 

Throughout my career I have helped many companies achieve success efficiently and creatively with the use of technology. Whether through building and launching an e-commerce site in 24 hours or implementing systems that impact hundreds of thousands of people, I have built tools and systems that empower the business teams to make things happen.

Creativeness and Vision

Business Growth is where I spend a lot of time using the right side of my brain. I consider Growth an art because it involves bringing many different colors into what makes a masterpiece. It pushes people and teams to be creative in order to do something that is different and has not yet been introduced in the market.

And that creativeness and its ability to envision the future is what makes companies different enough to increase sales, leads, customers and revenue and decrease cost with an efficient operation.


None this this could happen without a great team. Nothing makes me more proud than a goal that is achieved, a project that is completed, a team high-five for a job well done. I am very fortunate to have worked with the very best and fine people in the respective areas of my projects.

So, what do I do? I make things happen.

I always welcome new thoughts, new people and perspectives, new concepts and new and innovative ideas. Let’s talk!

About Luiz da Silva, MBA

Luiz da Silva is a growth and innovation strategist – a go-getter, entrepreneur and investor passionate about technology and its impact in the growth of businesses. Luiz has over 20 years of experience in the corporate sector, including Fortune 500 companies and industries such as Aviation, Consulting, Manufacturing, and Retail.

Luiz holds his bachelor degree in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Dallas and his Master of Business Administration from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX.

Luiz enjoys discussions around technology, entrepreneurship, innovation, data and analytics in the company of friends and family – and a great cup of coffee.

Luiz da Silva, MBA

Instagram: @da.silva.luiz
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